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Also, in regards to my last post, I feel like I’m always fanning over someone, but I swear to God it’s different this time. It also doesn’t hurt that he is actually a Brian Molko. But for real. He’s just really special and idk. It’s cool.

I just had the best evening with the person I am pretty sure I’m going to marry. They say you “just know”.

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well one of the things i’ve learned about myself this year is i can’t force myself to be someone i’m not. like i tried to be a minimalist and that’s just not me, like i’m all about pretty and girly and lacy and cute things. i also discovered i’m really into anime lol. and like also i cannot stand fashion people. i barely even follow fashion people on tumblr anymore because they are just so annoying and into themselves. even magazines annoy me nowadays and i haven’t looked at one in forever. i’d rather look at art and movies for inspiration, you know? idk.

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Hedvig Palm at Mikas

Hedvig Palm at Mikas

let’s be honest. three-fourths of the tumblr people base their opinions on what the rest of tumblr thinks. idk why i was so in love with this site like people are so annoying and don’t know how to think for themselves.