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Lmao I’m insane but we’re so cute.

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The Row Fall/Winter 2014.

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So Chris and I went to a Holocaust Museum today and it was perfect. We then went back to his apartment and spent the rest of the day here. He did something really simple and probably without thinking about it, but to me it was the nicest and most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. I had a glass of water sitting on the kitchen counter and we were both on the couch. He got up, got my glass of water from the kitchen, and brought it over to the coffee table, and set it down next to my feet (which were propped up on the coffee table), and then sat back down next to me. I’m not sure why, but that simple gesture told me everything I need to know about the kind of person he is. It meant the world to me, and I need to make sure I tell him that next time I see him.

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Also, in regards to my last post, I feel like I’m always fanning over someone, but I swear to God it’s different this time. It also doesn’t hurt that he is actually a Brian Molko. But for real. He’s just really special and idk. It’s cool.