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well one of the things i’ve learned about myself this year is i can’t force myself to be someone i’m not. like i tried to be a minimalist and that’s just not me, like i’m all about pretty and girly and lacy and cute things. i also discovered i’m really into anime lol. and like also i cannot stand fashion people. i barely even follow fashion people on tumblr anymore because they are just so annoying and into themselves. even magazines annoy me nowadays and i haven’t looked at one in forever. i’d rather look at art and movies for inspiration, you know? idk.

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Hedvig Palm at Mikas

Hedvig Palm at Mikas

let’s be honest. three-fourths of the tumblr people base their opinions on what the rest of tumblr thinks. idk why i was so in love with this site like people are so annoying and don’t know how to think for themselves.

Also police are reacting to the people who are acting violently, not peaceful demonstrations. Yes there is police presence everywhere but like yeah duh they have to maintain control. Get your facts straight people and not the ridiculous bullshit people on tumblr post about the situation. They obviously have no real clue about what is actually going on.

I’m not sorry, but if you can honestly support the protesters and rioters in St. Louis right now, you’re ridiculous. I live here and it’s really frightening when you’re locked down at work because of looting and shootings. People are justifying the violence the rioters are spreading and it’s like…no???? You don’t have to loot and shoot and burn down businesses because of a case we don’t even have details about yet.